Revive Electrolyte 2L Sachet

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Revive and Diarrest

Diarrhoeic animals will die if they lose up to 15% of their body fluid. help your calves recover from scours in a matter of hours with Revive and Diarrest.

  • Provides broad action for complex diarrhoeas
  • Recovery period is shortened
  • Cost effective
  • Prompt correction of acidosis.
  • To correct acidosis alkalinising potential is provided by bicarbonate sources with up to three times greater potential that in other Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) products.
  • Can mix with milk or water without interfering with the clotting of milk (casein) proteins. Mixing with milk
  • May enhance the clotting mechanism as clinically observed by Dr. Bas Schouten.


  • Superior energy sources
  • Rapid fluid replacement
  • Correction of acidosis via bicarbonate and bicarbonate precursors
  • Fast restoration of potassium levels
  • No possibility of reverse osmosis
  • Earlier return to milk based diet
  • Safe to use on bobby calves