Vets North - Pricelist

Vets North prides itself on delivering the best service possible for our patients.  We will not compromise from the best practice options available when treating and caring for your pets.

Vets North has invested heavily in both diagnostic and surgical equipment. Every clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment including digital radiography, diagnostic ultrasound, full multi-parameter anaesthetic monitors, ECG, oscillometric blood pressure monitors, fluid pumps, electrosurgical units and dental stations. Extensive in-house laboratories provide rapid results for blood tests, urinalysis, faecal egg counts and cytology.

All our nursing staff are qualified veterinary nurses. We currently have 2.5 support staff for each vet that we employ ( the national average is 1.5). This investment in staff and equipment underpins our commitment to provide your pets with outstanding service and results.

Vets North also strives to remain as affordable and cost competitive as possible. All our prices listed below are inclusive of GST.


  • Consultation – $86.00 for a 15 minute consultation. Appointments are required please phone 0800 VTSNTH or book online to make an appointment.
  • Cat Castration (male) $155.30
  • Cat Spey (female) $246.50
  • Dog Castration – From $310.00
  • Bitch Spey – From $415.00
  • Microchipping $80.30 (Includes registration on the New Zealand National Companion Animal Registry)

All surgeries get pre and post operative pain relief, all bitch speys are placed on intravenous fluids during surgery.

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