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Management Team

Dr Mark Young – BVSc

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu & Silverdale & Waimauku

Mark is a partner in the practice and works on the equine side of the clinic.  He has worked in many diverse places including Gisborne, Matamata & Morocco.  Mark is experienced treating all types of horses from the Donkeys and wild Shetland ponies of Marakesh to the more typical Sport horses of New Zealand.   His areas of particular […]

Dr Mark Anderson – BVSc

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu & Silverdale & Waimauku

Mark was born in the UK but moved to Helensville in 1975, aged 16.  He went to Kaipara Collage for a year and then working on a local dairy farm for a year before going to Massey University to study Veterinary Science.  After staying on for an extra year he graduated with both a Batchelor […]

Dr Graeme Ashby – BVSc, BSc(Hons), MACVS

Find me at:  Kumeu

Graeme is a partner in the practice and joined Kumeu Veterinary Services in 2007 to lead the companion animal side of the practice.  Since Kumeu Veterinary Services & Helensville Veterinary Services merged in 2014 he now leads the Companion Animal team across both clinics. He has successfully completed examinations in companion animal internal medicine, gaining membership […]

Dr Dave van Zwananberg – BVet Med (Hons), Cert AVP Eq Med, MRCVS

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu & Silverdale & Waimauku

David graduated from London in 2005 and initially worked in mixed practice in Devon in the UK.  He is a partner in the practice and is a highly valued member of our equine team. His areas of interest are lameness, reproduction and general surgery. David lives in Muriwai with wife Amy & dogs Jasper, Fathom & Weasel.  Outside of work […]

Lisa Pedersen – Practice Manager

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu & Silverdale & Waimauku & Veterinary Rehab Centre & Grooming & Cattery

Lisa joined the Team in 2013 & works between our Clinics as Practice Manager.  She brings many years experience in marketing, business administration & sales.  She worked overseas for many years in America running a large Equestrian Centre along with a stint as a photographer on Cruise Ships in South Africa. She doesn’t go far […]

The Vets

Dr Catherine Phillips – BVSc

Find me at:  Helensville

Cathy is a dairy farmer’s daughter who arrived up in Helensville in the early 80’s & made her home here.  She was initially a ‘cow girl’ serving a predominantly dairy practice in the early Helensville days.  She has now moved into the small animal practice & has now become a ‘cat girl’. She lives on […]

Dr Keren Fraser – BVSc & BSc

Find me at:  Kumeu & Silverdale & Waimauku

Keren graduated in 2006 from Massey University and spent the following four years in the Bay of Islands in mixed practice mainly dealing with dairy cows.  She then spent two years traveling around the UK focusing on small animals and returned to her native West Auckland to cover a maternity leave role & has stayed with us.

Dr Angie Stringer – BVet Med

Find me at:  Silverdale

Angie joined the small animal vet team in 2014 and has spent the last couple of years at home with her two young children. She is excited to re-joining the team and will mainly be based at our Silverdale clinic. Angie lives on a lifestyle block just out of Helensville with her horse, pet sheep, […]

Dr Elke Haag – Dr Med Vet

Find me at:  Kumeu & Waimauku

Elke joined Kumeu Veterinary Services in 1996 and since the merger currently works in the companion animal side of the practice at Vets North Kumeu & Waimauku.  She studied veterinary medicine at the Tieraerztliche Hochschule in Hannover, Germany.  She moved to New Zealand in 1993 to complete her post graduate research project. Elke lives on a lifestyle block […]

Dr Elsa Flint – BVSc

Find me at:  Helensville & Veterinary Rehab Centre

Elsa joined the Vets North team in a part time capacity as a Small Animal Vet.  She is one of the most qualified animal behaviour experts in New Zealand.  She runs Animals with Attitude behaviour clinic which takes referral animal behaviour cases from Auckland and beyond. Elsa has a MSc(Hons) in Behavioural Zoology, Bachelor of Veterinary […]

Dr Elissa Mopper – DVM

Find me at:  Kumeu & Waimauku

Elissa joined the Vets North Team in 2015 as a Mixed Veterinarian spending time out and about looking after our lifestyle clients in addition to working with companion animals.  After some time away she has rejoined the team as a dedicated companion animal vet. More on Elissa to come.

Dr Jess Slattery – BVSc

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu

Jess joined the farm animal and equine veterinary team as a new graduate in 2019. She pursued a veterinary degree at Massey University after training as a veterinary technologist in 2015 and gaining clinical experience in both companion animal and rural veterinary practices. Jess grew up in Auckland and now lives in Helensville with her […]

Dr. Leanne Whittaker – BVet Med

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu

Leanne graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 2017.  She started as a mixed veterinarian and soon developed a love of small animal surgery, within an emergency setting.  Leanne did  2 years of emergency medicine before joining the Vets North team as a small animal vet. You may see Leanne at Show Jumping and […]

Dr. Sam Bate – BVSc

Find me at:  Kumeu & Silverdale

Sam graduated from Massey University in 2017 and joined the small animal team at Vets North in 2021. Sam enjoys all aspects of small animal practice, but has a particular interest in dermatology. In her spare time Sam enjoys painting, baking and spending time with her partner Nathan and her cat “Goose”.

James L’Aime – BVSc

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu & Silverdale & Waimauku

James joined the Vets North team in 2016 as a Large Animal Vet based out of Vets North Helensville.  

Geert Donkers – BVet Med

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu & Waimauku & Grooming & Cattery

Geert has joined Vets North for 12 months in October 2017 to work at the Waimauku clinic. He graduated from Utrecht University in 1988 and moved to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland where he has worked in a mixed vet practice for the last 29 years. He is married to Laura and has 3 grown […]

Dr Nadia Laing – BVSc

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu & Silverdale & Waimauku

Nadia graduated from Massey University in 1996 and has worked at a number of companion animal clinics in the Auckland area before joining the Vets North team in August 2019. Nadia enjoys all aspects of small animal practice and has a particular interest in feline medicine and surgery.  She also loves greyhound cuddles whenever the […]

Paula O’Reilly – BVSc

Find me at:  Silverdale & Waimauku

Paula O’Reilly Paula hails from South Africa where she completed a degree in Animal Science and Husbandry before moving to NZ to attend vet school at Massey. Having graduated 10 years ago, she has been working in Dairy Flat for the last 4 years and is very excited to be in charge of the new […]

Dr Jessica Howes – BVSc

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu & Silverdale & Waimauku

Jessica is a recent Massey graduate who joined the Vets North team as a companion animal veterinarian in 2017. She now lives in Dairy Flat with her partner and two dogs.

Katherine Long – Physio

Find me at:  Veterinary Rehab Centre

Our experienced and qualified physiotherapist Kath, has completed a Diploma in Equine Acupuncture & Level One Animal Physiotherapy through the Australian Physiotherapy Association.  She has also completed her Post Graduate Degree in Animal Physiotherapy through Liverpool University and has just completed her Masters in July 2019. You can find her at Vets North Huapai on […]

Dr. Neha Kolhe – BVSc

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu

Neha joined the Vets North team in 2021 fresh out of vet school after graduating with a BVSc degree from Massey University, New Zealand. Neha works predominantly as a large animal and equine vet and has a special interest in birds and other exotic species. In her spare time she can be found at the […]

Support Staff

Melissa Rochefort – Rennie – Team Leader Kumeu & Waimauku

Find me at:  Kumeu & Waimauku

Melissa has been with the Vets North Team since 2012. Originally employed as a veterinary nurse she turned her focus to customer service and is now the Kumeu & Waimauku Team Leader. Mel is our puppy preschool co-ordinator and has a strong interest in canine behaviour and enrichment. In her spare time you can find […]

Verity Collins- Team Leader Silverdale

Find me at:  Silverdale

Verity joined the Vets North team in July 2018. Graduating as a veterinary nurse in 2009 she gained a few years experience at a small animal practice before her and her partner Dave did the big OE over to London, spending 3 months back packing in Southeast Asia along the way. She worked in a […]

Lynnette Heke – Head Vet Nurse Kumeu

Find me at:  Kumeu

Lynnette joined the Kumeu team in 2014 and completed her training in 2015. Lynnette has worked in a wide range of  roles including the human health field and the outdoor education industry.   She lived in the UK for 2 years before returning to NZ to complete her Vet Nurse Diploma at Unitec.  She also had […]

Arlene Pengally – Customer Service

Find me at:  Helensville

Arlene is one of our Customer Service superstars for our Helensville Clinic. Her journey began in 1993, when she qualified as a veterinary nurse and worked in a West Auckland Clinic for over 5 years. In 2001,  moved to the South Island and spent 7 years, on a 1300 acre property, in the remote Marlborough […]

Stasia Parker – P.A.

Find me at:  Helensville & Waimauku

Stasia has lived in Kumeu since 2011.  Stasia has 20 years experience as a PA and in office management roles. In her free time, she enjoys restoring second hand furniture, crafts and spending time with her son, 2 cats, dog and horse.

Aleesha Roy – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Silverdale

Aleesha is currently completing her diploma in veterinary nursing with Vet Nurse Plus. She started at VN as a student in December 2020 and took up a part time job with us in 2021. She loves all animals and her passion is horse riding. Aleesha owns 3 horses, 2 bunnies, and a cat.

Brooke Howearth – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Waimauku

Brooke is a recent Vet Nurse Plus graduate who joined the Vets North Team in 2020. Brooke moved from Whangarei to Auckland to study her passion and was raised in a large combined family with a fair share of land. She only has one fur baby now, an English Staffy named Koha who is her […]

Deana Lynch Blosse – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Kumeu & Waimauku

Deana graduated with her Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in 2016 through Vet Nurse Plus. Since then she has worked primarily in small animal General Practice Clinics and decided to join the Vets North Team in December 2020. Deana loves all aspects of her Veterinary Nursing role but she has a special interest in the nurturing […]

Emily Sergent – Vet Tech & Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu & Waimauku

Emily graduated in 2015 with a veterinary nursing and rural animal qualification. After school she lived in England for one year as a assistant teacher, while over there she found she would love to work with animals for a job. Her passion has always been horse riding and she has owned two horses in the […]

Jacob Burrell – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Kumeu

I completed the CVN last year and am finishing my DVN this coming year. I have an interest in all weird and wonderful pets and keep lovebirds, axolotls, a fire-bellied newt, as well as regular cats and dogs.

Janus Ratsdorf – Vet Nurse & Customer Service

Find me at:  Helensville & Waimauku & Cattery

Janus began working in the Cattery in June 2019 and now works across the clinics as well. He was born in Germany and raised in rural West Auckland. He is a veterinary nursing student by day and a rescuer of ducklings by night. When he was younger he started small, just a cat, a few […]

Laura Deane – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Helensville & Silverdale & Waimauku

Laura joined Vets North in August 2017 and works part time in our Helensville branch.  She qualified in the UK, before moving to New Zealand to enjoy many outdoor adventure sports.  She now lives in South Head on her lifestyle property with horses, sheep and chickens with her partner and their 2 children.  She occasionally […]

Liv Hamlin – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Silverdale

Liv graduated with her Diploma of Veterinary Nursing at Unitec in 2017 and went on to work full time. In 2020 she went back to Unitec and completed her Bachelor of Veterinary nursing. She has just completed an extra paper at uni in Advanced Anaesthetic and Analgesia and is currently completing a paper in Exotic […]

Mikaela Lewis – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Waimauku

Mikaela is our resident Aussie vet nurse. Her family moved to New Zealand in 2013. Mikaela qualified as a vet nurse in 2014 and she worked in South Auckland before relocating to the scenic North West. Mikaela has a ‘few’ horses and enjoys eventing. She has three cats and one dog at home. Mikaela also […]

Melanie Trickett – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Helensville

Melanie qualified as a vet nurse in the UK in 2000. She has worked in a wide variety of practices in the UK – doing small & large animal, equine avian and exotic pets. Melanie has spent the last 10  years working at the Auckland Zoo before starting at Vets North in 2017 to be […]

Natasha Adam – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Kumeu & Waimauku

Natasha joined the team in October 2021.

Sarah England – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Helensville & Silverdale & Waimauku

Sarah joined our Customer Services team back in 2015 and then decided that she would like a change in her career path. She has since gained her Bachelor of Veterinary Nursing through Unitec in 2020 and now works across all our clinics as a veterinary nurse. Sarah has also had the opportunity to nurse in […]

Samantha Pribicevich – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Kumeu

Samantha qualified with a Diploma in veterinary nursing in 2015. Since then she has since worked for two other clinics in the west Auckland area before joining the Vets North team. Sam’s interests are patient care, surgery and radiology. Sams always been an animal lover growing up in Massey with a few dogs and cats […]

Narissa Cato – Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Helensville

Narissa moved into the Helensville area from the Waikato and has worked at the Helensville clinic since 2007.  She started her Veterinary Nurse Certificate while working at the clinic and qualified in 2009.  Narissa feels very privileged to work with animals and have them as part of our lives. She has many fur babies who have stolen her heart over the years and is lucky […]

Trina Mullan – Stock & Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Helensville & Kumeu & Silverdale & Waimauku

Trina moved to Auckland from Taranaki in 2015 to study Vet Nursing, during this year she began working for Vets North. Trina comes from a large dairy farming family and enjoys seeing farm or lifestyle animals that come into the clinic. Trina lives in West Harbour with her two dogs and one cat. In her […]

Laura Batten – Customer Service

Find me at:  Kumeu

Laura moved from Canada back in 2016 after falling in love with our beautiful country and a kiwi boy. She grew up around farm animals and a pack of dogs and this gave her a passion for animal care that she brings to work with her in Kumeu everyday. Outside of work you’ll find Laura […]

Laura Simmons – Customer Service & Vet Nurse

Find me at:  Kumeu

Laura grew up in Queenstown and moved to Auckland in 2014. Laura loves all animals especially dogs and farm animals. This love prompted her to study a diploma in Veterinary Nursing through Vet Nurse Plus. Prior to studying Laura worked in admin and accounts including being an office manager. In her spare time you can […]

Steff Bartulović – Customer Service

Find me at:  Kumeu

Stefanie is one of our Customer Service Superstars in Kumeu and has been with us since 2015. Stefanie has grown up with animals all her life, from rescuing & bringing up baby ducklings found in drains, to stray cats & dogs, to even having a wild boar living inside with her.  Steff has also had […]

Sami Baker – Customer Service

Find me at:  Helensville

Sami joined the Vets North Team in June 2019 and will be based at our Helensville Clinic.  She will be the friendly customer service face, meeting & greeting all our clients. Being involved with animals in a veterinary environment has been Sami’s career goal & we are excited to have her join the Team! With […]

Stevie Rhodes – Customer Service

Find me at:  Kumeu & Waimauku

Stevie has been surrounded by all kinds of animals most of her life.  She started off in pet retail in 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed the environment, working with people & animals, but something was still missing.  She has always been especially passionate in rescue & rehabilitation and this is what has encouraged her to follow the […]

Michelle Parker – Groomer & Accounts Admin

Find me at:  Grooming

Michelle started grooming after being a stay at home mum to two boys. She loves all things animal and enjoys the time she spends with the dogs making them look fabulous! Michelle shares her life with her husband, kids and old rescue dog Buddy and two rescue cats Gizmo and Molly.  

Nathan Parker – Cattery Assistant

Find me at:  Cattery

Nathan joined the team in June 2019 to assist in our Waimauku Cattery. Nathan can be found working part time in the Cattery at our Waimauku Clinic.   He comes from a loving family environment with his dog Buddy and two cats Gizmo & Molly.   In his free time he enjoys playing the guitar, piano, ukulele […]

Solana Vaughan – Cattery Assistant

Find me at:  Cattery

I joined the Vets North team in June 2019. I am currently in Yr 12 at Kaipara College, I am passionate about Wildlife Photography, Surfing, and my horses. I live in Muriwai and love taking my horses for gallops down the beach as well as competing in eventing and show jumping. 

Natalya Norton – Ward Assistant

Find me at:  Kumeu

Natalya joined the Vets North Kumeu team in September 2019 as a Kennel hand.  Natalya is excited to have this opportunity to gain new skills which will support her future goal of being a canine handler.  Natalya has always enjoyed being around animals and shows genuine care for their wellbeing. Natalya spent 10 years growing […]