Stevie has been surrounded by all kinds of animals most of her life.  She started off in pet retail in 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed the environment, working with people & animals, but something was still missing.  She has always been especially passionate in rescue & rehabilitation and this is what has encouraged her to follow the path of becoming a vet nurse.

Her current entourage consists of  Keira, A staffy x, Pumpkin, a Chihuahua & Armani, a Rottweiler.  She has competed in equestrian sports for over a decade and in 2018 decided to give the competitive scene a break and had two Kaimanawa ponies arrive to train fresh from the muster.  Both are growing into beautiful, affectionate ponies and will spend the rest of their days with the family.  They currently spend their time hanging out with Stevie’s 5 year old daughter’s welsh pony Tonka and will hopefully be filling his shoes as her ridding ponies in the years to come.  In her spare times you’re likely to find Stevie, her daughter and the rest of the clan off on a muddy, sandy, wet adventure of some kind.