Small Block Holders Course – 2016

Our popular Small Block Holders Course is starting again in March 2016.

The course will run for two hours, once a week over six weeks.  Common animal health conditions in sheep, cattle, calves, horses, pigs etc. will be covered along with worm control, legal requirements & animal handling.  Extensive written information will be provided, along with product samples backed up by an enlivening verbal & visual presentation from Mark Anderson!

Course numbers are limited so a quality learning environment is achieved.  The course will be held in the meeting rooms at Vets North Helensville.  There will also be a hands on field day at the end of the course where we get out & about on the small block & put some theory in practice.

Please see the flyer for further information.

SBC Flyer Winter 15

We have had alot of interest in running a Small Block Course at VN Kumeu, so please get in touch if the Kumeu venue is preferred.

Small Block Course – Application Form 2016 March