Breeze’s Blog – Why are we Scratching?

Dogs may be itchy for lots of reasons.  The most common cause, especially in Auckland  is probably flea allergy.  Fleas are horrible little biting crawly things that jump onto us and suck our blood. They often sit at the bottom of our tails which is very hard for us to reach.  When we have a lot of fleas we bite at them and often make ourselves sore.  We can get skin infections from doing this too.

You can help us with this by treating us regularly with products from the Vet – ask them what they would recommend.  There are chewable ones (like my Mum gives me), drop on ones  and even collars.

Fleas spend a lot of time in the house too and in our beds when they are not sucking our blood so your owner may want to think about treating the house to help decrease the flea numbers.  Ask the vet staff about this.  I think it involves some sort of mist.

Breeze xx