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Vets North - Equine Gastroscopy

Stomach Ulcers and Gastroscopy
Clinical Signs:
Stomach ulcers are something we frequently see. Clinical signs of stomach ulcers can be varied and can include the following:
⦁ Weight loss/Struggle to gain weight
⦁ Poor Appetite
⦁ Poor Body Condition
⦁ Decreased Performance
⦁ Behavioural changes
⦁ Girthiness
⦁ Repeated bouts of colic
⦁ Dull Coat

The only way to reliably diagnose stomach ulcers is to pass a videoscope into their stomach and directly look for any changes to the mucosa. Not only does this allow us to diagnose ulcers, but also allows us to assess the location and severity of the ulceration and tailor treatment accordingly.

We perform this procedure regularly at our Kumeu clinic. Please contact them on 094129016 if you wish to book an appointment.

What causes stomach ulcers?
Gastric ulceration in horses can occur in two forms; ulceration of the squamous mucosa (pale pink area) or ulceration of the glandular mucosa (darker pink area). The glandular mucosa is the bottom ⅔ of the stomach and responsible for secreting acid. This mucosa also has a thick layer of mucus to keep it from being damaged by the acid. The squamous mucosa is more delicate and only has a thin layer of mucus.

Ulceration of the squamous mucosa is caused by an increased exposure to acid. Ulceration of the glandular mucosa usually occurs due to a failure of the mucus layer protecting the glandular tissue or a disruption in blood flow to the tissue. Gastric ulceration is graded according to the severity and the grading is different depending on the type of mucosa.

Management Alterations to Help Prevent Gastric Ulceration

Due to a horse’s grazing nature, horses secrete gastric acid continuously. The food horses eat, particularly roughage e.g. grass and hay, as well as the saliva which is produced while eating help to buffer this acid. However, certain feeds such as concentrates and high starch feeds create more acidic conditions. The below recommendations can help:

⦁ Horses should have continuous access to high quality forage.
⦁ Add roughage e.g. Chaff to all meals.
⦁ Lucerne chaff may be beneficial due to the high calcium which helps to buffer the acid.
⦁ Split concentration ration into 2 feeds.
⦁ Corn oil or rapeseed oil (50-100mls once or twice a day) – This could reduce the amount of acid produced and possibly increase the barrier function of the glandular mucosa.
⦁ Feed 1-2L molasses free chaff within 30 mins of exercise. – This may form a ‘mat’ and reduce the splashing of acid to the squamous mucosa.

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Vets North - Brachiocephalic Pets

(Bulldogs, Pugs, Griffons, Persians etc) – We can give advice for helping these pets breathing difficulties and if needed perform nasal surgery, soft palate and laryngeal surgery as required.

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Vets North - Payment Support


VetCare Finance

Unexpected vet bills? VetCare Finance knows how stressful it can be when your pet needs veterinary care you just can’t afford.

If you don’t have pet insurance, vet bills can be costly – whether they’re for emergency health care, or important procedures you can’t put off any longer.

VetCare Finance provides fast loans and flexible repayment options, so your furry friend can get the health care they need. They can approve loans of up to $5,000. Application criteria applies, read more here.

Visit VetCare Finance

Pet Funders

If you’re looking to have veterinary care for your favourite pet and you can’t pay the invoice straight away, then Pet Funders can help you spread the payment in easy monthly installments over three, six, nine or twelve months.

Apply online here. Apply Here – Pet Funders

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Vets North - Export Certification

Export certification for all species


Vets North has staff certified to export any animal, anywhere in the world, be it your horse, cat or dog.

 Please ring the clinic for any information you may need, or an obligation free quote.

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Vets North - Animal Physio

Vet’s North Animal Physio – North West

Vet’s North provide personalised rehabilitation and physiotherapy for all of your animals. Our main priority is to improve their way of life by treating any orthopaedic, musculoskeletal or neurological conditions they may be suffering from. We also offer post-operative rehabilitation and physio to speed up the healing process and prevent future injuries.

Our specialised veterinarian staff work with a broad range of animals, including dogs, cats, horses and many other animals ranging from small to large in size. We’ll even come to you for any of your equine (horse) physiotherapy.

Treatment will generally consist of an initial evaluation, followed by development of a specialised treatment plan. So please get in touch with us today to book an initial consultation.


Our physio site is located at our Huapai clinic in West Auckland.


Pricing varies widely in this field, however if you call we can give you a quick estimation depending on the type of animal, and types of physiotherapy or rehabilitation services required.

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Vets North - Dog Grooming

Vet’s North Dog Grooming – North West

Vets North cater to all your dog grooming needs. Our centrally-located Waimauku grooming facility is rurally situated in the heart of West and Northern Auckland. Vets North have over 50 years experience in caring for your dogs – meaning you can be assured we follow strict veterinarian guidelines when it comes to dealing with the safety, cleanliness and care of your beloved household pets. We specialise in both dog and cat grooming and our facilities are purpose-built to maximise the comfort and cleanliness of your pets. Our environment is clinically clean, sterilised and designed to minimise stress on your pets.

With many years of experience working with dogs, spanning multiple generations, Vets North have a stellar reputation across all of Auckland. Our vets and staff are known for their passion, love and care when handling and tending to our clients animals or pets. All of our clients pets are handled as if they are our own and we assure the safety and comfort of every animal that we tend to.

Grooming Services

We offer a variety of dog grooming options, that vary depending on the requirements of your dog. We cater to all breeds, sizes and coats of both dogs and cats. We use environmentally safe and natural shampoos, which meet your fur baby’s PH levels, however we welcome you to bring your own.

Dog Grooming Services

Our dog grooming services include washing, brush out, face trimming, feet trimming, full body cuts/clips, nail trimming, ear cleaning.

Cat & Kitten Grooming Services

We also offer grooming services for your kitten or cat and include bath washes, hair cuts, nail trimmings and hygienic ear cleanings.

Our Grooming Locations

Our grooming station is situated at our Vets North location in Waimauku, West Auckland. The address is 1 Sarah Todd Lane, Waimauku, and is situated directly across from the primary school.


Our grooming prices are extremely competitive and affordable, where prices will range depending on the length, coat, breed and grooming options you require.

Prices start from $50 however you can call us on 09 411 7575 for a quick estimate.


Dog grooming 1 before
Dog grooming 1 after
Dog wash and cut - before

Dog wash and cut - after

Dog wash 3 - before trimming
Dog wash 3 - after trimming

Frequently Asked Grooming Questions

Although the frequency varies mostly on the dogs breed, type of coat and living conditions, at least some form of grooming should be performed every 1-2 months. That said, it important you don’t bathe your dog too often, which is usually considered more than once a month, as this can cause their skin and coat to dry out, which can lead to an array of other problems.

Although there is no set age limit to start, it is generally recommended to wait around 10-12 weeks of age, or after their second round of vaccinations until taking your puppy to a professional groomer. That said, taking your puppy to a groomer early will have benefits on their grooming experiences for the rest of their lives, as it prepares them for the regularity of the habitual grooming process.

It is also recommended that younger dogs or puppies have been groomed or bathed at home first before their first experience with a professional grooming service. This is to ensure the dog becomes somewhat familiar with the grooming process and helps to reduce anxiety and stress for when you leave them with a professional.

We only use the highest quality shampoos and conditioners for your dogs. All of our products are hypo-allergenic shampoos however if your dog requires a special type we’re more than happy to accommodate this – you can even bring your own.

This will once again depend on the type of grooming required, however our professionals will generally be able to complete a full groom within 2-3 hours. That said, times can be much quicker if you call ahead and organise a specific time with us.

Yes, we offer nail clipping on all types of dogs. Regular nail clipping is very important for your dog because long nails can lead to several issues such as joint problems. It also makes your dog susceptible to painful broken or split nails, which can lead to infections and further medical costs down the road.

Although the grooming procedures may change from dog to dog, our full groom generally includes the following:

Brush – Helps to remove any mats or tangles, making for a more effective and thorough bath time.

Wet the Coat – Watering your dogs hair and skin starting from the neck area, down the back and sides and all the way down the tail.

Washcloth – A washcloth is better suited to cleaning the head, face and ears of your dog as most dogs tend to have more sensitive skin in these areas.

Shampoo – Shampoo is then applied into your dogs wet coat, and massaged in.

Rinse – After a thoroughly massaging the shampoo into the coat, we will gently rinse all of the shampoo out.

Conditioner – We then apply a gentle hypoallergenic conditioner to the dogs coat, let it sit for a few minutes and then wash out.

Towel and Dry – Now that your dogs clean as a whistle, we’ll dry them off.

Treats – It’s important that dogs continue to view the grooming procedure as a rewarding experience so we are committed to providing your dog treats and heaps of pats along the way, ensuring your dog continues to love bath time.

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Vets North - Vets North Cattery

Vets North Cattery – North West

Vets North offers a safe, secure and affordable cattery in our Waimauku branch, West Auckland. With over 50 years experience caring for pets and animals, our philosophy has always been to provide excellence in service and care of your animals. Our cattery is no exception, providing a pristine, hygienic and friendly environment for your cat.

Housing Options

Our cattery has a range of housing options, where cats can be housed either individually or in larger family groups. Our clinic comprises of 17 self-contained suits, each of which provide a safe, stress-free and enjoyable environment for your cat. Our cattery also has a large communal play area, which means your cat can still enjoy social stimulation and behavioural enrichment during their stay – all under the watchful eye of our trained veterinary staff.

Our Premises and Staff

The best thing about our cattery is that it also doubles as a veterinarian clinic, so your cat is always under the care of skilled vet nurses. You can be assured your cats health and well-being is our number one priority. This also allows us to monitor and manage any of your cats medical or dietary needs. If your cat is on medication or requires regular injections, our staff can also easily manage these requirements.

Our premises are located in West Auckland, Waimauku, where our guests will enjoy quiet, rural surroundings. Located in the Rodney district, Waimauku is only a short drive from Haupai, Kumeu, Helensville, Taupaki or Muriwai.


We feed Royal Canin food for the appropriate age group of your cat, but clients are welcome to bring their own from home.

Other Services

The Vets North cattery can also offer cat de-sexing, dental treatment and general grooming services if required. If during your cats stay, we find it to be unwell we will contact the owner and have the cat professionally seen to by one of our vet staff immediately.

We use Feliway products in our cattery to help reduce stress and anxiety. Creating a calming effect, it is very useful for cats in new environments. Feliway mimics the facial pheromones produced by cats, resulting in an emotional calming.

Cattery Pricing

Our cattery offers extremely affordable pricing and starts at $17.00 per day.

For enquiries or bookings please phone our Waimauku branch on 09 411 7575 or email


Cattery - Kittens playing

Cattery auckland - cat sitting by window

Vets North Cattery Waimauku

Black kitten playing in pen

Cat play pen
vet staff caring for cat

Do you have various levels of comfort or luxury, depending on your budget, or are all rooms priced the same?

The suites are all priced the same, including our double suite which is perfect for multiple cat households.

Is my cat safe from other cats?

Yes. All cats are kept under a constant watch when playing in the communal area. This is to make sure if there are any cats that don’t get along, one of our trained professionals can separate them at once.

Is there only one cat per room?

Yes, however cats from the same family may stay together if they’re comfortable.

Is there a maximum stay limit?

No. Our cattery is perfect for any duration of long-term stay. 

Is there a minimum stay limit?

No. We can even cater for cats that require to stay for half a day or less.

Do you accept kittens? If so, what is the minimum age?

Yes, we accept kittens if they are at least 8 weeks old. We even cater for younger kittens if they are still with their mother.

What if my cat has not been desexed?

If your cat has not been desexed, please give us a call to discuss your options.

What if my cat has special dietary requirements?

Being a veterinarian clinic, means we are more than okay with feeding your cat a special diet. This is not an unusual request and our staff are all highly trained professionals that will adhere to any requirements your cat needs.

What if my cat needs medication during their stay?

Being a veterinarian clinic, means we are more than okay with administering any medications that your cat requires during their stay in our cattery. 

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Vets North - PennHIP Certification for Hip Dysplasia X-Rays

Graeme Ashby has just completed the PennHIP course, and is now certified to perform this procedure for dog breeders.

PennHIP (Pennsylvania Hip Scheme) radiographs can be performed on any dogs older than 16 weeks of age to help select breeding dogs at low risk for hip dysplasia.  PennHIP is the most accurate method currently available to determine this.

The procedure requires the dog to be sedated and then a series of digital radiographs are taken.  These are sent to America for analysis. The radiographer produces a report which gives the likelihood of the dog developing hip dysplasia later in life, and compares the dog with all other x-rays ever submitted for the breed.

You can find more about the PennHIP scheme at 

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Vets North - Pricelist

Vets North prides itself on delivering the best service possible for our patients.  We will not compromise from the best practice options available when treating and caring for your pets.

Vets North has invested heavily in both diagnostic and surgical equipment. Every clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment including digital radiography, diagnostic ultrasound, full multi-parameter anaesthetic monitors, ECG, oscillometric blood pressure monitors, fluid pumps, electrosurgical units and dental stations. Extensive in-house laboratories provide rapid results for blood tests, urinalysis, faecal egg counts and cytology.

All our nursing staff are qualified veterinary nurses. We currently have 2.5 support staff for each vet that we employ ( the national average is 1.5). This investment in staff and equipment underpins our commitment to provide your pets with outstanding service and results.

Vets North also strives to remain as affordable and cost competitive as possible. All our prices listed below are inclusive of GST.


  • Consultation – $72 for a 15 minute consultation. Appointments are required please phone 0800 VTSNTH or book online to make an appointment.
  • Cat Castration (male) $105.50
  • Cat Spey (female) $175.00
  • Dog Castration – From $270
  • Bitch Spey – From $335
  • Microchipping $64.10 (Includes registration on the New Zealand National Companion Animal Registry)

All surgeries get pre and post operative pain relief, all bitch speys are placed on intravenous fluids during surgery.

We are excited to now be able to offer keyhole, laparoscopic surgeries at our Kumeu branch. Bitch speys can be performed through a small abdominal wound, reducing post operative pain and complications. (includes fluids & take home pain relief). POA

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Vets North - Kitten Rehoming

Our clinics re-home stray & unwanted kittens from within our local areas.  All our kittens are de-sexed, micro-chipped & registered, vaccinated & treated for fleas & worms before they are re-homed.  If you are interested in re-homing a kitten please contact any of our clinics via phone or email.





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Vets North - Sheep & Beef

  • On farm consultancy services
  • Tailored programs for calf rearing, vaccinations & drenching
  • Animal Health Plans
  • Nutrition
  • Parasite Control
  • Lameness
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Vets North - Dairy

  • Mastitis Care
  • Lameness
  • Reproduction & Pregnancy Scanning
  • Animal Health Plans
  • Nutrition
  • Parasite control
  • On farm consultancy
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Vets North - Puppy Pre School

We hold Puppy Pre-School classes at all Vets North clinics.  Puppies must have had their first vaccination to attend and are placed into a group which best suits their age and size. Your puppy must also be aged between 8 – 16 weeks old.  Attending a puppy pre-school class will help your new puppy on the way to becoming a confident & well behaved adult.

All Vets North Puppy Preschool Educators have completed the Hills Puppy Preschool Educators Certificate and have on going support of a senior educator.

We are force free educators and your puppies safety is our main priority.

What you both will learn:

  • Invaluable socialisation with other puppies & people
  • Nutrition
  • General health care
  • Toilet training
  • Vet visits
  • Car travel
  • Basic training – sit, stay, walking on the lead

You will also receive goodie bags with lots of samples & food for your new furry friend to try.

If you would like more information please click on the link below and someone will be in touch the following business day.

Puppy School Enrollment Form

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Vets North - Imaging

  • Pregnancy Scanning
  • Tendon Scanning
  • Digital Radiography (At clinic & out in the field)
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Vets North - Breeding

  • AI (Chilled and Frozen Semen)
  • Normal Pregnancy Management
  • Mare Infertility Work-up
  • Twin Reduction
  • Breeding Soundness Exam
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